Design process

Our design process is centered around providing our clients with the best possible services and solutions for their business. The outline below presents our general design process and workflow. This is a starting point. Ultimately, we adapt our processes to meet each client's individual needs.

Briefing | Client Meeting | Consultation
We first hold a meeting to discuss project objectives, deadlines, budget and expectations. The client may be asked to provide a creative brief as a guide by which to begin design. Client provides all text, logos, photos and any other items to be included in project. The designer's time can be spent most efficiently when all materials are provided at the beginning of a project rather than trickling in over time.

Concept | Design Development
The designer will review the creative brief and provided materials to ensure understanding of project scope and expectations. He or she then works on preliminary concepts, designs and sketches and selects the most appropriate solutions for further development.

Initial Presentation Of Solutions
The designer presents the client with design solutions and elaborates on creative decisions. If needed, Client and designer discuss solutions and review brief to ensure the project goals are being met.

Design Revisions | Follow-up Presentations | Approval
The designer will modify designs to client specifications and supply a new proof (generally via PDF). The client reviews and marks up subsequent proofs with additional changes. Revised proofs will be provided until final approval is reached. Clients give final approval by signing a hard copy or emailing final approval based on a PDF proof.

The designer works with outside vendors (e.g., commercial printers, billboard) to determine production costs and specifications on items such as paper, quantities, etc. After final approval, the designer forwards final artwork to the appropriate vendor. Review printer’s proofs and perform a press check if applicable.