The value of design

More and more, design has become the key differentiator between competing products and services. Design creates a link between a company and its customers. Consumers base their decisions largely on the perceived value of a product. In our fast-paced, media-flooded world, perception quickly becomes reality and strong design tilts perception in your favor.

When your business appears successful and professional it increases the perceived value of your service or product. This naturally results in increased demand and revenue opportunities. Quality performance will always be necessary but a good first impression can get your foot in the door. Good design can help a business rise above the chatter and get noticed.

Good design can also save money. A well-designed brochure will communicate important information to the consumer. An educated consumer will require less time from sales staff allowing them to service a larger number of potential buyers. Which is a better investment? A well designed and written instruction manual, or a staff of customer service people answering calls from frustrated customers? And what does the quality of that instruction manual say to the customer about the company? It doesn't need to be fancy, but it needs to work.

Design isn't only about making things look prettier. Design is about making things communicate better.