Getting started

Whether this is your first time working with a professional design firm or you're an old hand, take a look at our design process to give yourself an idea of how we work.

Tell Us About Yourself
Your business is unique and your customers deserve to know it. That’s why Open Mind Studios begins every new client relationship with a thorough consultation. When we understand you, we can deliver your message loud and clear.

Do Your Homework
It’s not mandatory but completing a creative brief can do wonders for guiding our first conversation in a productive direction. It will help you focus on the goals of a particular project and help to avoid wrong turns. Try it before your consultation, and it just might give you new perspective.

Invest In Quality
Custom design adds value to your brand. We’re not the cheapest design firm out there. Not the most expensive either. All we can promise is that when you work with us you will always feel you got your money’s worth. Our work speaks for itself.