Money-saving tips

When we save time, you save money. We will make as many rounds of revisions as is required to create a finished piece you are happy with. However, each revision takes time and we charge by the hour. Providing us with complete and accurate information during briefing will minimize the number of revisions that should be necessary. By adhering to the following guidelines, affordable design becomes a reality.

Complete a Creative Brief
Taking the time to fill out a creative brief can do wonders for guiding our first conversation in a productive direction.

Tell us your budget
With that information we can begin to formulate the best solution for your project without wasting time by heading down the wrong road. If your budget is too small for what you hope to accomplish we will help you work within what you have allotted.

Plan ahead
Deadlines are realistic when you give us plenty of notice. You can avoid rush charges on printing and shipping by allowing a week for printing, a few days for shipping and 1-2 weeks for the design phase of a project. Bundle your information. At the start a project, provide all the relevant text, photos and direction you can. During the proofing process, print your proof, sit down with it and mark it up. If you submit several revisions at once, it saves time.

Proofread everything
We do our best to catch mistakes when we see them, but in the end, the responsibility is yours. So go over your proofs with a fine-toothed comb, because it costs less than reprinting a job. See our proofing procedures.

Leave production to us
Put us directly in touch with your other vendors. We speak the same language. We’ll keep you in the loop but not running circles around it.